Facebook marketing in Bangladesh is an essential tool to connect with existing and potential customers and build long term relationships that generate repeat business.

Having a branded presence on Facebook is no longer optional – it is a must!

We have put together a package especially for Aussie to help make it easy for you to not only connect with your target market on Facebook but to continue to add value through automated emails.



 Choose the objective for your campaign

Send people to your website

Increase conversions on your website

Boost your posts

Promote your Page

Get installs of your app

Increase engagement in your app

Use the app engagement objective to increase engagement in your app.

New Create ads for Instagram

Close popup and return

Raise attendance at your event

Get people to claim your offer

Get video views



You set your own budget, so your costs will depend on what you are trying to accomplish with your advertising. Some businesses spend tens of thousands of dollars a month, and others are comfortable investing several hundred.

Average Bidding CPC (Cost Per Click) –  0.02 -0.05 $

Average Bidding Cost-Per-View (CPV) – 0.05 – 1.00 $

Set your campaign budget as your wish but lowest budget is USD 10.00 for 1 day.


Payment Procedure:

  • 100% advance payment.
  • Client must provide all keyword with work order.
  • Payment will goes to  account pay check.